Magical Moments...!

Amidst this wave of excitement for 2010's countdown, I wonder what happens when you juxtrapose visual artists, sculpture artists, best pyrotechnicians, ace composers, dancing neon lights, pulsating sound tracks and of course high-spirited people? A friend from India sent me a link to First Night 2010, and I am so glad he did so :) First Night events seem a great medium to participate and celebrate creative communal spirit and richness of Boston's cultural landscape.
As I head out to Boston tomorrow to seek pure inspiration, I hope to meet interesting people adorning those trendy FN buttons (they are still available at Shaws!), exchange some radical ideas, watch the parade, take snaps of ice-sculptures and join other turbo-charged folks in countdown to 2010 at Copley Square.

Meanwhile my best wishes to everyone for a fantastic year ahead. A year full of hope, tremendous success (both on personal and professional fronts), uninhibited love and those magical "Ahaaaa!" moments!

"Reason is powerless in the expression of Love"~Rumi
[Image Courtesy-© Ekua Holmes]


trisha said...

Happy New Year!! Keep warm and embrace the evening...a beautiful evening....a special night as a rare "blue moon will be lighting up the sky!! "Blue moon" ....happens once every 2 1/2 years...2 moons in the same month...must mean something real special for all of us....

Chinmay said...

Hello Trisha-wish you the same.
Thanks for info abt 'Blue Moon' - it sure was a splendid evening!