Spreading Happiness

In the ever expanding world of fast moving consumer goods, the products that stand out are the ones that offer a unique shareable creative experience. A friend (who works in ad industry) emailed me a link to Unilever's latest "Share Happy" project. Here are its salient features:
  • Simplicity: Make consumers extremely happy & trade their smiles with ice-cream.
  • Inventiveness: Utilizes latest face-recognition technology (by SapientNitro) to deliver a never-heard-before product consumption experience.
  • Emotiveness: Engages instant happiness and euphoria.
  • Buzz: Idea that Smile-O-Meter rating people's smiles to friends is so viral!
  • Powerful Visuals: Warm red color on a washed-out striped white background, words "HaPpY" on an ice-cream bar invoke instant curiosity.
Take a look at this slideshow to learn more. While you wait to actually pose before this ultra-cool interactive vending machine, keep spreading happiness by beaming your winsome smile while relishing your favorite ice-cream this summer :D
The only way to advertise is by not focusing on the product.~Calvin Klein