Words Have Weight

If reading can be fun, writing can be way more fun. I am truly excited upon hearing that true to her form-Surabhi, a dear friend, recently bagged 1st prize in a Picture Writing Contest. As I browsed through her feedbacks & congratulatory notes (we always share our Ahaa! moments), I grabbed the salient words & thought of presently them visually right here :) Keep those accolades coming Surabhi!

Here's some light reading for the weekend - Surabhi's write-up & Yann Martel's writing secrets :D
Writing is thinking on paper.~William Zinsser


FIFA Fever :)

When you take a break from watching & cheering your fav teams & players, check out these visually captivating links:

>> Interactive World Cup Schedule - here
>> Opening Ceremony - here
>> Eye Popping infographics by Brazillian designers - here

Till sooner-Hip-Pop Hurray :D

Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.~Claude Monet
[Image Courtesy - ADA]


Hand Painting Art...

While talking to a friend who is taking up Bharatnayam classes this summer, I learned about importance of hand gestures in traditional Indian dance styles. These gestures (also called Mudras) are powerful means of non-verbal communication & they often invoke strong emotional instant responses in the viewers. For ex in Anjali Mudra, one would press the palms of both hands together firmly with fingertips pointing upwards & bow one's head slightly towards the recipient. This centering pose brings the practitioner in a meditative mindset and is symbolic of unification of left & right hemispheres of the brain. The pose symbolises respect, greeting & humble salutation.

As I decided to spend rest of the weekend reading about various mudras & their significance, I came across AT&T's inventive ad campaign which depicts stunning hand-painting artworks by Guido Daniele. Some other works of this remarkable Italian artist can be viewed here, here or here.
Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind.~Louise Nevelson
[Image Courtesy - AT&T]
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