Words Have Weight

If reading can be fun, writing can be way more fun. I am truly excited upon hearing that true to her form-Surabhi, a dear friend, recently bagged 1st prize in a Picture Writing Contest. As I browsed through her feedbacks & congratulatory notes (we always share our Ahaa! moments), I grabbed the salient words & thought of presently them visually right here :) Keep those accolades coming Surabhi!

Here's some light reading for the weekend - Surabhi's write-up & Yann Martel's writing secrets :D
Writing is thinking on paper.~William Zinsser


s k gupta said...

In my opinion, words sometimes are more than simple weight!
Words generate Powerful Current..they ignite our mind..inspire us..encourage us ..transform us..revolutionise us..or vice versa..depending upon the source from which the words are getting generated..the medium of communication and the potential of the receiver.
Same input of Words often create different type of response from the audience or readers.
Writer simply expresses his is impressions ( it's intensity & depth of impressiond on the mind & heart of reader ..which really matters besides the character and competence of writer.
Most important is the power of imagination.
We often keep ourselves away from imagine and most of the time ,we prefer to react..not act ..or think..or imagine.
All inventions are product of Imagination..expression..and impressions.
Coming back to this unusual, short and sweet yet powerful blog, I find it simply unique & superb!
The links in the blue take us to a different plane where creativity is spread over in abundance.
The story and the way it is shared is powerful with a strong message to all of us.
It will help us improve our environment & create a better world for the future generation.
The interview with great writer is inspiring too.
Let us have more of such creative "Heavy weight "blogs with precious words & positive vibes.
Choice of words & colours in the block diagram is excellent.
keep it up..

TJ said...

Everyone has something remarkable to say and yes Words do matter a lot :=) Great read CG!

Trisha said...

Thanks you again for all the inspiration you give to me..I look forward to your "Words" are a always make me stop..think..and then I smile...

Thank you....

Anonymous said...

in the present era, everybody wants to loose weight and improve body mass index.
after reading this interesting blog,we are at loss.
we have no words to express our appreciation.

Loss of words means loss of weight..a big gain..