World AIDS Day...!

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A friend from India sent me an email today with the following statistics (Source UNAIDS):

(a) Currently ~33.4 million people are living with HIV worldwide.
(b) Of this about 31.3 million are adults and 2.1 million children under 15.
(c) Every 9.5 minutes, someone in the US gets infected with HIV.

While these numbers certainly look disturbing but the bigger question is whether as individuals can we do something to help? Plenty of things I'd say:

  • Share Inspiring Stories like this.
  • Support Grassroot Campaigns like this.
  • Spread AIDS Awareness in your family and in the community your live in. link
  • Get creative and put a Red Ribbon on your T-shirt/Blog today.

Support World AIDS Day

"Make a good use of the present."~Horace

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