Almost Christmas :)

It's that time of the year again. On one hand we want to look back at the year and start assessing how we measured up against our goals, but on the other hand we are are reminded of a splendid festive season ahead. Well choice rests entirely on the individual but this sure is a perfect time to practice gratitude, connect to those who fill you with positive thoughts and spread joy around!

And as you try your best towards infusing holidays of your 'special' acquaintances with a splash of vivid energy-check out MUJI for some incredible ideas (Aesthetic, eco-friendly, affordable, non-labeled & simply irresistible products)!
~~ Happy Holidays ~~
"Great art picks up where nature ends."~Marc Chagall
[Video © MUJI]


s k gupta said...

All of us love chips..but we could never imagine that both potato as well as electronic chips could be used to send across such powerful messages in an innovative & affectionate manner.
Colourful Decoration adds Value substantially.Icing over chips is fantastic
It is true that Festival time is most joyful time & all of us celebrate in different style .
Yet, we feel good while sharing our happiness, expressing gratitude & bringing smile on face of people around us.
Great reminder..to all of us.
thank you so much..M

Megha Deshpandey said...

MUJI products are so cute & adorable. Can you send me MUJI Dolls as my next bday present pleaseeee Chinmay :-) How was your Christmas?

I'll surely keep a close watch on this crisp ART blog in 2010!