Free Weekend Pass :)

[Image Courtesy-MuseumsOnUs]

Looks like some of the folks around me have started jotting down some super exciting resolutions for the year ahead. These include - planning a family trip to Nicobar, learning that cool foreign language, learning how to play a saxophone, going back to grad school, finally chasing the childhood passion or just being a responsive community member!

That triggered an idea in my mind-How about setting a goal of pushing oneself in the "creative zone" atleast once every month in the year 2010? The central idea is to creatively channel our energy towards tasks we find engaging, challenging and meaningful to our life's bigger goals. Listening to music, attending a concert, engineering a new toy, designing a greeting card or exploring new places-the activities would vary from person to person but my guess is that such "creative outlets" should leave one feeling good and turbo charrged up inside.

And in case you admire aesthetic creations by fellow homo sapiens, you and your loved ones might wish to check out this FREE weekend pass program by BOA for reasons such as i, ii, iii or even iv. I am off to explore DeCordova Sculpture Park tomorrow. Meanwhile have a terrific weekend ahead :D

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."~Salvador Dali

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madhu said...

good idea..

what a way to recharge ourselves on every weekend with creative inputs and be ready to welcome new week on a positive note.
I am sure people will overcome their inhibition & come forward to accept the invitation & enjoy the holidays in a constructive & relaxed manner.
When people move outside their cosy homes to explore the unknown world, they tend to become outstanding.
This initiative is simply outstanding.