Make a Wish...

There something innocently magical about Fireworks especially the ones that light up the sky on New Year's Eve! Apart from inducing a near instant hope, cheer and happiness, they instantly push people into a "Wish Making Mode". For few seconds one's mind seems to shift into a fluid like state that invokes one's deep rooted ambitions, goals and desires. As the time goes by, some of these wishes come true (Woo-Hoo!), some stay as wishes (tougher goals) and the rest just fade away (That's ok too!) but almost all of them provoke an inward reflection. It's hard to describe the wish-making experience in words but in the long run it can do wonders indeed!

In everyday life, most of us formulate complex plans with hundreds of sub-tasks for our respective projects/goals, use cool software tools to organize our tasks and this seems to work just fine. But I have serious doubts whether artists, photographers, sculptors do the same? As 2010 sets in, I hope (Or should I say I wish ;)) to connect to many more dwellers of ART community, try to map out their goal-setting and creative-thinking process and share the same right here...

Oh and yes, next time you see someone (kids are great examples) doing any of the following...
  • About to close eyes before the first star in a clear night sky.
  • About to toss a coin in a river, fountain, pond or well.
  • About to blow a stray eyelash off one's fingertip.
  • Standing before a birthday cake ready to blow the lit candles.
  • Ready to blow all seeds from a white puffy dandelion in one breath.

.....take a moment to see and understand "What's going on?', concentrate on your deepest desires, close your eyes, visualize the end result & go make that wish. Believe me - sometimes this spellbinding exercise turns out to be a memorable experience in itself. And when your wishes come true, do this drill again :D

"The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity'~Alberto Giacometti

[Image Courtesy-© Tiqatequila]

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s k gupta said...

it seems Artists seldom care for defined boundaries.
Their imagination is endless & that is why they are so different..

yes..they have hope & derive pleasure in whatever they do.
most of the time , they do it for their own pleasure.
nice way to look at things..
good one..