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What's skyrocketing this summer? Outdoor trips, shopping sprees, visits to pool or water-parks to name a few :)  But if you go outdoors, take a trip to say a Sculture park, an Art gallery or a museum and you'll be pleasantly surprised at seeing how amazed you or your loved ones (do take them along :)) can be!

Some FREE (or discounted) museums passes can be accessed here or here.
'Give me a museum and I'll fill it.'~Pablo Picasso
[Photo Courtesy - Target]

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s k gupta said...

Thanks for the generous offer of precious - free passes to visit Museum.
I am sure, many people must have availed this great opportunity & enjoyed the graceful ambience.
Still, I believe that People in general don't give due importance to precious gifts, which they get as free bees.
Nature offers Early morning breeze, bright sunshine, drenching Rain, Dew, Greenery spread in forests , Wildlife , Rivers & lakes to swim , Virgin Sea beaches, Mountains, rivers,Rocks & hills to climb, Birds to watch & so on.
They attach importance ,when they are made to pay for it.
There may be some exceptions - but exceptions prove the rule.
Next time, Let people decide.
Even if some passes remain un-utilised, no problem .
One can take horse to the pond or river. Rest is to be done by the Horse.