Next Gen Toothpaste Tube :)

Prototype Designers - Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee

Came across this amazing toothpaste packaging prototye this morning. It not only reinvents toothpaste's hard-to-squeeze tube but eliminates it altogether. Some immediate differentiators:

+ Significant packing space & cost savings.
+ Minimized toothpaste residue.
+ Encourages Recycling.

Check this link to learn more :)

Image Courtesy - Yankodesign


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s k gupta said...

In this era of " Cut & Paste " technogogy, this inprovization is quite interesting & timely.
Now I wonder, why it didn't strike to the toothpaste munufacturers earlier.
May be the competition & reducing profit margin were the surce of inspiration.

Need is the mother of Invention.
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