Over The Moon

Join us on March 24, 2012 as we celebrate our fifth anniversary to support Deborah D. Blumer Fund with our museum visitors, distinguished volunteers and omnipresent art admirers. We promise to offer our visitors opportunity to meet celebrity artists, listen to live music, engage in stimulating conversarions, learn about our educational programs, devour sparkling wines & great desserts and experience pure fun! Here's some information about Over The Moon and our other upcoming events. See you all at Danforth soon!
'Art doesn't transform. It just plain forms.'~Roy Lichtenstein

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s k gupta said...

When we try to look over the moon..Sky is the limit.
If we want to look at the moon, we have to be outside our Home and just look up & up & away.
Moon is the symbol of Beauty, calmness & is always surrounded by STARS.
I believe ,this grand event scheduled on 24th March will be a star studded memorable affair .
It will certainly add new feathers in the cap of famous Danforth Museum because it is being organized for a Noble cause & it is bound to add more number of regular visitors in the years to come.Networking matters.
Volunteers at the museum will cast the spell with their passionate & vivid description about the valuable exhibits in an innovative manner accompanied by a heart to heart dialogue with esteemed visitors.
This will set a new trend and inspire people to join as volunteer or bring more visitors by organizing such events in future with renewed enthusiasm.
The Resonance created by this event will continue to reverberate even beyond U.S. for a long time.
I wish this grand event ...Over the Moon..a great success.