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Random experiments are fun since they usually surprise us with unanticipated outcomes and provide us with candid feedback for re-running these experiments with better insight and experience. I was quite thrilled to be a member of one such unique expertiment at BOSE headquarters earlier this week. As members of ever-growing Danforth museum community, we got opportunity to do a community outreach at BOSE.Our goal was simple, educate people about our museum's presence in Framingham, suggest some great engagement programs we have (e.g. Drop into Art, Bring Your Baby etc.) to BOSE and highlight the benefits of visiting museums in general to BOSE employees.

Upon reaching the event, we were pleasantly surprised upon learning that BOSE had organized a family fair inviting representatives from various groups such as Fitness Centers, Credit Unions, Vacation tour operators, Healthy Food Cos and of course us :) Quickly, we organized our booth scattering our classes brochures & member information pamphlets on our table. Our first impressions were extremely positive-we were greeted cordially by event organizers, who helped us with writing pads and water bottles to get us started.  SoonJanis (fellow docent) and Kendra (our education co-ordinator) joined me and we prepped our booth further. Thanks to Kendra's iPad, within moments we setup a slideshow showing salient artworks from our current exhibits. As clock ticked noon, the fiar was overwhelmed with inquisitive appearing BOSE employees from all departments. As visitors approached our booth (perhaps drawn by visuals on slideshow), we commenced conversation with questions such as:
  • Have you heard of Danforth Museum Of Art?
  • Do you know there is an art museum in Framingham?
  • Have you been thinking about honing your little one's observational skills?
We were quite amazed at spotting genuine interest in ART, Museums and Creativity in general amidst BOSE employees. I personally had few memorable stimulating conversations with visitors on How museums can develop one's visual perception skills, How ESL students learn so many words during one visit to a museum and How slicing & dicing an artwork develops critical thinking ability of children. As we handed FREE passes to visitors, we communicated enthusiasm, positivity and openness to all.

As an outsider, I have always admired ultra small immaculate surround sound systems from BOSE. This visit reinforced my respect of the company where creativity & perfectionism seems to thrive naturally! We sincerely thank Jaclyn McTigue from BOSE for orchestrating this family fair where we exchanged both great ideas and smiles with spirited BOSE employees. Hope to do participate in more such experiments in the days ahead :D
[Image - MIT]
'Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.'~Plato


s k gupta said...

Marvellous ..!
Simply Fantastic...
Most of us prefer to remain in our comfort zone or a tiny area of concern.
This tendency blocks our understanding & development.
This blog is a lively example of reaching out to broaden our outlook & increase our area of influence besides enjoying in a meaningful & creative way.
It makes our learning curve steeper & improving our Network, which is most desirable.
On top of it, Museum relates to exhibites ( Art / brain / colour / understanding etc. while Music works on our Ears & heart.
Both are complementry.
Wonderful combination.
Let us have more of such innovative experiments .
Weldon- keep it up.

Rex said...

found your blog while searching for careers at BOSE...sounds like cool company to work for..your unique perspective is nice!