Every Vote Counts!

At Danforth, we often say that it simply is not possible to be alive without making an impact on the world that surrounds us. To that, we try hard to offer distinguished services such as Summer Art classes, Adult Art Workshops and FREE Public Tours to our museum visitors. We have seen that when our actions are recognized by museum visitors via feedback notes, visitor emails, fundraising etc. we feel even more inspired to continue our pursuit of making Framingham a vibrant (& thriving) art community in New England!

While we use our energies only in ventures of utmost importance, time and again a vital situation catches our attention and we honor the impulse to act appropriately on it. Well - one such situation has arrived this summer. Danforth Museum of Art is competing for a new website-worth up to $50,000. The Danforth is one of twenty-three nonprofit organizations competing in the Carrots for a Cause competition, sponsored by JackrabbitTo win, all we need is 15 seconds of your time and your valuable vote! Every Vote Counts! 
"A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows" 

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I just casted by vote :)