Season of Slumber :)

Onset of WINTER Season evokes varied reponses in people. For some it is time to take a break and settle into extended slumber, for some it is time to equip oneself with warm, comfy & stylish winter clothing, for some it is time to stack up rich foods, for some it is time to start working on New Year resolutions and so on.

Winter reminds us of the cyclical nature of lives where one experiences both sunny & cold moments year after year. As the temperature plummets, air turns dry and crisp and days darker, we naturally gravitate towards warmth cozy environment.

Here at Danforth Museum of Art, we strongly believe that the beauty and significance of wintertime deserves to be acknowledged & appreciated! We thus gather today evening to commeorate this crucial time of the year. Join us for an evening of insightful conversations with artists, light refreshments & brand new exhibits to spark your creative spirits yet again :)

Danforth Winter Exhibit
"You come to nature with all her theories, and she knocks them all flat."~Renoir  

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s k gupta said...

This blog brings lot of Warmth..
Winter season is most fascinating gift of Nature.

Sun becomes gets shorter ..Fog diminishes visibility..and sweaters & coat do their best to make us look good and feel comfortable.
It is indded best time to look something different- Read a book..go to museum..temple, church..or just chill around.

Nice reminder to be with nature..