Docent Recruitments 2010

If you reside in New England, love volunteering, can't stop smiling & Art Galleries/Museums/Elegant Designs/Photography/Art History seem to stimulate your mind, Danforth's Docent Program might be the perfect place to hone your skills, acquire several new ones & utilize your brain in its entirety. Hope to see some of you during annual docent Open House next week!
There are always flowers for those who want to see them.~Henri Matisse

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s k gupta said...

This eye catching,charming & innovative invitation accompanied by an interesting Visual display highlighting the variety in the tasks assigned to young & energetic docents is bound to generate great attraction among the youth especially when the same is coming from a great institution and also from a selfless yet enthusiastic docent belonging to the same age group.
Having said this, we must remember that we are living in an era where all actions are $ motivated.
People are engrossed or submerged in stressful environment & they have little or no time to get rejuvenated throgh voluntary acts or passion for Art / Music.
It takes years for a seed to become a tree.
Tireless selfless efforts never go waste.
This small yet pious initiative is bound to ignite curious minds of youngsters in nearby domain.
With the passage of time, more and more people will notice the positive change in the mindset of society & the museum will emerge as most graceful Light House . time.
Best wishes for success of this great initiative.
Amusing Museum......
Star Docents..
Perfect combination..
Assured Satisfaction..