Shine On...

As I visited Ashland Temple today, even though I saw what one would normally expect in any Indian temple-devotees lining up to offer their prayers, temple priests doing routine rituals and children racing on the temple's marble floor and so on yet something appeared quite different!

The environment seemed to exude extremely positive vibes. Upon closer observation I noticed a small group of temple volunteers perched on wooden chowkis and engaged in active conversation as they worked together to prepare flower bouquets! Each one of them seemed to truly enjoy the activity and I couldn't stop myself from staying at a distance:) I expressed my curiosity about flowers & floral arrangements in particular to the volunteers. An elderly gentleman (a retireed Accountant), smiled and in turn asked me why I find flowers so intriguing? When I shared my vivid memories with him, Mamaji (other temple volunteers addressed him as Mamaji) appeared very happy. Next he voiced that following characteristics make flowers special:
  • Unconditional: Unlike nature's other creations, flowers spread fragnance unconditionally & all the time.
  • Simplicity: Human beings in general shy away from using basic primary colors in their lives (clothes, homes & environment) & create artifical colors by complex manufacturng processes that suit their tastes. Whereas most of the flowers are composed of basic primary colors & their simplicity makes them so elegant.
  • Spontaneous: A flower won't postpone blooming 'coz a certain day is too hot, too cold or too rainy. They do what they are meant to do!
  • United We Stand: Like two distinct people, no two flowers are alike, yet all flowers come together to form a beautiful arrangement, which is not achievable by any individual flower alone!
  • Energy: Flowers capture nature's beauty & present it in a form that amplifies positive energy and gives viewers warmth and comfort. Try sketching a colorful flower sometime, pay close attention to the drawing process and you'll understand this yourself.
Upon returning home, I attempted sketching my vision of a perfect flower and more than the doodle(above), it was quite cool to take a conscious note of thoughts that crossed my mind during the drawing process :)  Here's some additional info in case you wish to learn more about floral arrangements-linklink or link. Till sooner...Shine On ! :D

It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.~Oscar Wilde

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trisha said...

A great observation and how true!! Shine on Chinmay!!

s k gupta said...

Coming straight from heart with true colours and pure feelings , this inspiring blog is unique.
what makes it particularly special is the sequence of starts with serene ambience of infinite source of positive energy , followed by interaction with the budds..means children, who are in the process of their unique way..depicting unity in diversity..depending on their grooming and power of absorbing energy from the ambience.
I am ompressed with deep meaning conveyed through some of the essential characteristics of spite of different shades , shapes , volume , span of life ..all flowers make us love nature and inspire us in many ways.
On physical plane , the blue links explain the significance of different combinations of colours and it's impact..which is important to understand and enjoy art.
It makes me wonder whether contrast is better than matching of colours.this blog gives me some insight to get answer to this dilema.
good one..
very beautiful..charming too.