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One of the several things that continues to intrigue me is the science of symbols. Symbols appear to be incredibly powerful and quick way of communcation. Few notable (and well designed) symbols can stir up instant emotions in our minds. Apple logo for an example creates euphoria, ultra simple ONE logo makes one emphathetic, yin-yang symbol evokes contrasting feelings, red octagonal STOP sign evokes urgency and so on.  I recently finished reading 'Man and his Symbols' by Swiss thinker Carl Jung. In the book author emphasizes the importance of balance, harmony, color & context in deciphering any symbol and the impact of these characteristics on human mind. His views on Art Therapy are quite interesting too and I hope to read few more books on the subject to better understand science of symbols in the days to come.

Anyways it's Friday and with a great weather forecast, guess it's time to head outdoors (zoo, beach, botanical garden, whale watch, trekking, camping etc) and truly enjoy the sunny weekend ahead! And in case you plan on going shopping too, grab this shopping pass (Thanks TJ!). In addition to a cool campaign (love the logo design), the idea that GAP'll pass along 5% of the purchase amount to WWF is ingenious indeed!
Art is the triumph over chaos.~John Cheever
[Image Courtesy © GAP]
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s k gupta said...

Very interesting and informative.
We seldom care for symbols..though they convey deep meaning.
Symbols are like flag..they represent uniqueness of every entity.
All human beings, organisations, countries , elements, numbers have symbols. we must respect their uniqueness and individual identity.
nice message..