Celebrating Love!

Valentines Day can be so much fun! Like Christmas, it seems to offer just the right opportunity to step away from our busy lives and express our sincere affection towards people we value most in our lives-our parents, our siblings, our cousins, our friends and those who exhibit positive vibes and encourage us to become better individuals year after year.

We did a small exercise in Ashland, MA this Saturday - the idea was to create a mini-clip of max 15 sec duration to convey the essence of Valentines Day. We were simply amazed at the clips participants (mostly kids) came up with! Interesting thing to note though was the profound use of flowers (sunflowers, lotuses and roses), hearts, green leaves and vibrant colored butterflies. With no formal ART training, kids naturally seem to associate LOVE with nature's beautiful creations and with bright colors-I wonder how or why? But yes-it was just amazing to be amongst kids, who usually stay curious, bold, cheerful and sporting, yet again!

{VDay - 2010}
As you set out to celebrate Valentines Day in your own special way, for a moment disconnect yourself from your problems/worries and bond with the individual(s) you are with, give him/her/them your 100% attention and if possible perform some selfless act of kindness just for fun! Believe me you'll remember it up until next Valentines day :) And if you intend on staying home and spend Feb 14th as just another normal day, check out some cool websites centred around deep human bonding and love-Lovelines, Wefeelfine, Team Love and FreeHugsCampign etc.

Happy Valentines Day :)
"Good works are links that form a chain of love."~Mother Teresa

[Image Courtesy-© Lovelines]


s k gupta said...

Let everyday be a Valentine day..
Let us continue to express Love, affection & regard beyond symbolic gestures.

We know that exercises keep us fit yet the event in Ashland on saturday is quite amusing.
There has to be a powerful co-relation in conveying our feelings through Flowers..the best gift of Nature to mankind.
Flowers depict Life..they are colourful, charming, fragrant, vibrant, selfless, smiling ,soft, lovely , cheerful, unique yet shortlived.
They believe that more than the span , it is the quality of life which really matters.

Flowers just spread happiness & fragrance as a matter of habit & never care about something in return.
Naturally everybody who loves anybody will be attracted towards and inspired with flowers .
Expression of love is divine act and even symbolic expression on 14 th leads to a positive chain reaction .
Nice message..

Stephanie said...

You’re an excellent writer!I enjoyed reading the piece and learned more about you and your creative pursuits.


Radhika said...

Chinmay-you seem to be getting better (CR skills) with every post! Love the creative content here.....when are you visiting Mumbai next?